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Hello there, friend

You've somehow stumbled onto this, and I'm sure you're already getting ready to leave. I don't blame you. I don't have much to say here, so I'm leaving some links here. You can do what you want with that info. Totally unrelated — I chose the purple for links strictly because it is called "rebeccapurple" and my wife's name is Rebecca. ISN'T THAT FUN?

I make music on SoundCloud. It's something like alt rock, but some of it is heavier and some of it is more mellow. There's probably a good split there, and the songs have no flow. They show up in order of how I made them, most recent first. If you're wondering what I do for work, I do technical things. That's not very descriptive, but it's difficult to boil it down to a few lines. One thing I enjoy that I've made is NHL94Hockey.com — it's a stat tracking site for NHL 94 on the SNES or Genesis. All the stuff you need to play is there on the site if you want to give it a go. If you're desperate to see some of my old public code, you can see some on GitHub. You can also see newer code on GitLab.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for professional info, or check out my Mastodon feed for unprofessional info.

Last modified date: November 13, 2018